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Now School is More Rewarding!

Welcome to Snap2School. The App, where high school students earn rewards for attendance like featured products and cool events just for Snapping-In to school every day.

By using our app, high school students have the opportunity to participate in our Snap2School Incentive Program while attending school. For participating High schools.


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Attendance Rewards

Snap2School has great stuff to give away. Rewards are given at the end of a school day to randomly selected students who Snap-In on the app. Rewards can be picked up at the school administrator’s office of your participating school.

Features of the App

Easy to Use

Students simply download the Snap2School app, select their school district and school name, create a user name and password, that’s it! Everyday they Snap-In on campus they are eligible to win rewards 

Better Rewards

Our sponsors are motivated to see more students graduate in their communities. Our Local and corporate sponsors offer rewards like sport event and theme park tickets, school supplies, gift cards and more.

More Attendance

Who would want to miss out on all the fun. Higher attendance means more students reaching their education goals. That means the Snap2School Program is more rewarding than ever. 

More Participation

The higher a student’s attendance, the bigger the potential reward. At the end of the school year our sponsors like to reward some of our senior participants with amazing items.


If you would like to sponsor or participate with Snap2School in helping students achieve their scholastic goals, please contact us.